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Ansitz Zehentner

History farm in Laion South Tyrol - Traditional accommodation

The Ansitz Zehentner was mentioned for the first time in the 14th century, as it was used as storage for the duties of the faithful to the church - Josef Ploner bought the farm in 1860, which is family-owned ever since

Rooted in history. Having arrived in the modern age. Lived with heart.

The name "Zehentner" comes from the medieval "tithe" (Latin decima), and was mentioned for the first time in 1357. It refers generally to the tenth part of the own ground-property, which was cast as a tax. The "tithe" was for the 6 Century, the most important duty of the faithful in the church. That was the "Pfarrzehnt" (Tithe of the Pastor) that was destined for the maintenance of the pastor. There were even a tithe, which was collected for the sovereign. The "Zehentner" was responsible for the timely delivery of the tithe on the part of farmers. In the Court of the Zehentner were stored in kind, until they were picked up by envoys of the monastery of "Neustift" or of the sovereign...

1532 Volunger Melchior asked the Ulrich Probst of Neustift, to be allowed the collect of the tithe of Lajen, Gardena and the surrounding area for the monastery. It is known also that he had delivered to the Monastery Neustift, for one time at jear, 70 Star wheat, 75 Star rye, 130 Star barley and 20 Star Yhren wine(Star = Brixener units). 1547 seems to Jörg Zechneter as the owner of Zehentnerhof. From the year 1616 is mentioned in a certificate that the aristocrat Syman Ingramb as Zehentner and Mayor of "Lajen".

In the 18 and early 19 Century was the Zehentnerhof owned by the nobles from the family Nonsberg Gentili. The "Gentili" came from "Denno" in "Nonsberg" and in 1533 they were knighted by King Ferdinand the first by military earnings in the wars of venice from Maximilian the first. "Johann Georg" from the "Gentili" was a captain in "Buchenstein" and died in 1782 - his brother "Johann Michael" was murdered 1807.

In 1860 Josef Ploner bought the stately Zehentnerhof (Who still family owned, until this day). Many meadows, fields and forests, many cows and sheep made up the possession of this handsome court, which was one of the largest in Lajen. The family Ploner, up in the 20's of the 20 Century, they had several maids and servants, who helped edit, this large yard.